The 13th Conference was held in Incheon City, Korea from September 23-26, 2009 in conjunction with Korea’s International Road & Traffic Exhibition. The event supported by the Korean Government particularly the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and Incheon City, Korea.

Among the major events included:

  1. Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  2. REAAA Council Meetings & General Meeting
  3. 8th Meeting of Heads of Road Authorities
  4. Technical Sessions (300+ papers) & Special Sessions
  5. Technical & Cultural Tours
  6. International Road & Traffic Exhibition

The 13th REAAA conference recorded the following achievements:

  1. to network with 3,000 international delegates
  2. to learn best practices from regional experts
  3. to have a first hand look at new technologies used in Korea
  4. to experience various ceremonies and entertainment of the Global Fair & Festival
  5. to enjoy the beautiful and rich culture of Korea

1,500 international delegates participated in the event. Numerous exhibitors showcase their latest innovations, providing visitors opportunity to learn about a wide range of new products and services. More than 300 technical papers are presented under the theme ‘Future Roads – Safer, Greener & Smarter’.

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