Role & Objective

The Road Engineering of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) is a regional body set up to promote and advance the science and practice of road engineering and related professions. Regional co-operation and technical harmony are the underlying principles of the Association.

In pursuing to its’ objectives, REAAA is dedicated to:-

  • Facilitating intra-regional transfer of technology
  • Co-operation with national and international organizations to support and supplement their work
  • Providing a catalyst for future developments and activities
  • Establishing better inter-functional links between road planners, designers, construction engineers, technologists, manufacturers and various other services and traders associated with road engineering
  • Being a regional focal point permitting the cross fertilisation of ideas among engineers thus creating better understanding amongst member countries
  • Being a regional information service centre

“To be the most effective regional organisation providing members with technology interchange, transfer and services to promote a better future in road-related engineering”

“To meet the needs of members for professional and organisational understanding and co-operation both within and beyond this region”

“To strongly believe in and be committed to professional knowledge sharing across international boundaries”

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